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Blockchain is something we've all heard of, but not everyone understands. When we hear about blockchain, it's usually associated with the cryptocurrency technology, such as Bitcoin. At RemadeGroup however, we wanted to use this technology in order to provide assurance in supply chain compliance.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital, cloud-based, decentilisised collection of data, which is stored in the order of when the data arrived. Once added to the network, the data cannot be adjusted or manipulated; therefore, we define this as an object piece of information.

Once added to the blockchain network, the data acts like a public ledger with information. This can be information regarding commercial transactions, agreements between parties, or the method of manufacture / materials used. In short; all transactions and information can be stored, but not altered.

How Blockchain Helps

RemadeGroup have utilised the Oracle BaaS system to create a transparent and traceable supply-chain network to track the journey of remanufactured products right through the process. The blockchain works by generating smart contracts for every step within the supply chain in order to trace the EOL cores utilised in the remanufacturing process and quality assurance steps taken throughout.

Track and Traceability

Blockchain provides us detailed information about certifications (ISO, BSCI, FIRA etc) for each remanufacturer on our platform, in order to assure the highest level of compliance and to guarantee authenticity of the remanufactured products. With the help of the Oracle BaaS system, RemadeGroup can monitor the whereabouts of our products at each step of the remanufacturing process. This way, we take transparency to the next level and ensure our Customers have full dislosure of the quality of products on RemadeUK.