Launching June 2022

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About Us

Remade UK is launching in June 2022. It will be Europe’s first online market place for remanufactured goods providing our customers with ethical, environment friendly products that come with quality levels and warranty that match those of new products.

Our initial focus will be on laptops, office furniture and automobile parts

Our products will retail at 40% below new value with up to  80% saving in energy costs

Our suppliers will be well established remanufacturing companies headquartered in the UK

We will use blockchain technology to verify the history of our products ensuring that you can purchase with confidence

We intend to widen our product range ensuring more value for our customers

We wish to create a family of supportive users who will inform our decisions

About Remanufacturing

Click on the links below to learn more about what we do and how remanufacturing can Benefit you.

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Remanufacturing Explained
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+ About the Environment

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